Saturday, October 17, 2009

Got a cold? Rite Aid has you covered

Looks like Rite Aid is giving away the entire Cold Remedy section this week (10/18-10/24/09) with some amazing Single Check Rebate (SCR) deals!

BETTER THAN FREE! after Coupons & SCR:
(yes, this means buying these products will get you CASH BACK!!)
*Zantac 150 or 24 ct, or Cool 24 ct, or 75 30 ct get up to $8.99 SCR #2
-$5 printable
*Neilmed Nasal Mist Saline Spray 6 oz get Up to $9.99 SCR #21
-$2 printable
*Neilmed Sinuflo Ready Rinse 8 oz or NasoGel Drip Free Gel Spray 45 mL get Up to $5.99 SCR #20
-$2 printable
*Children’s Coldcalm Pellets 80 ct or Chestal Honey Cough Syrup 8.45 oz get Up to $7.99 SCR #24
-$1 printable
*Blink Tears Lubricant Eye Drop 15 mL get Up to $7.99 SCR #23
-$1.50 printable

FREE after SCR:
*Cepacol Fizzlers Just for Sore Throats 12 ct get Up to $4.99 SCR #31
*Chloraseptic Kids Grape Kids Throat Spray 6 oz or Grape Kids Sore Throat Relief Strips 40 ct get Up to $4.49 SCR #27
*EOS Lip Balm .14-.25 oz get Up to $1.99 SCR #30
*Little Allergies Allergen Block 150 applications get Up to $9.99 SCR #28
*Little Colds Mucus Relief Melt 12 ct or Sore Throat Melt 12 ct get Up to $5.49 SCR #26
*Little Colds Multi-Symptom Formula 1 oz get Up to $3.99 SCR #25
*Sambucol Lozenges 30 ct get Up to $7.99 SCR #29
*Zucol Lozenges Orange Cream Flavored 18 ct get Up to $5.99 SCR #22

Check out for complete coupon matchups!

source: i heart rite aid: 10/18 - 10/24 weekly deals

More Gro Baby Love!

Think cloth diapering is not for you? Try Gro Baby hybrids FOR FREE and let me know what you think! They are offering a FREE Intro Set including their washable shell and DISPOSABLE soaker pads for bloggers who write about their product. Check out my review and see if you want to give them a try!

 THIS DEAL ENDS 10/20/09 at 12pm MST!

So I'm sure you've seen me post about my BIG LOVE for Gro Baby diapers for E & G. They truly are a revolutionary style of diaper that makes cloth diapering quick and convenient even in my crazy household. Well, here is proof that good things can get even BETTER!htt...p://

The Natural Baby Company is now offering BIODEGRADABLE (disposable or flushable!) soaker pads to make taking Gro Baby on the go even simpler! (I cannot thank you enough for this development!) These environmentally -friendly pads simply stick in to the Gro Baby shells and can be flushed (simply tear, shake out contents into the toilet, and throw away the rest), composted, or tossed (they break down after only 50-150 days compared to centuries!) after use. They also use a much healthier amount of gel crystals (3g vs up to 20 in commercial sposies!) to keep them super absorbant without fearing for my kiddos safety. I was lucky enough to be a tester for this product* and I could find absolutely NOTHING that I would have wanted changed. The pads provide excellent coverage and leave no areas of the shell exposed. They contained all messes and even worked out for overnight for my then-one-year-olds. Perfect for travel or just busy days!If you are on the fence about trying cloth diapering or if you want to be more environmentally responsible without putting poo in your washer (yes, this is the STILL the biggest question I get about cloth diapering) give Gro Baby a whirl.
*The Natural Baby Company is offering a FREE set to bloggers who write about this product. Would I have posted this rave review without this offer? ABSOLUTELY! This is just another example of The Natural Baby Co. showing gratitude for all their loyal customers. They truly are the cream of the crop for supporting those who send their dollars their way.

Sweet Deals at Giant Eagle 10/15-10/21

General Mills Cereal Save $4 Instantly… 4/$6
Golden Grahams
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Or Chex cereals
Print 2 $1/2 coupons (Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Cheerios/Chex) at and get these cereals for only $1 a box!

Pillsbury Get $2 off your next order when you buy 4
Buy 2 Refrigerated Cookies at $5.00
Buy 2 Sweet Rolls at $4.00
Print 2 $0.55/1 Refrigerated Cookies and 1 $1/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls at
And get these for $5.80 PLUS $2 off your next order! Final cost only $0.95 each!

Betty Crocker Potato Boxes 8/$10
Print 2 $0.40/1 Betty Crocker Potato Boxes or Pouches at
Get them for only $0.45/box!

SUPER SAVINGS on the following:
Mix and Match any 10
Heinz Ketchup
Classico Pasta Sauce
Bagel Bites
Smart Ones Classic Faves or Desserts all 5/$10
Boston Market Meals
Ore Ida Potatoes
Smart Ones Entrees
TGI Friday's snacks all 4/$10
Pair these with these coupons:
$1.00 off
Or $1/5 get $8 off your next order! (Pretty rare to see such a big $ amount!)

Buy 4 jars of Classico Pasta Sauce
3 Bagel Bites
3 Boston Market Meals
Pay $ 15.50 after coupons and get $8.00 back…Final Cost only $0.75 each!!*

Don't forget to snag up your Buy One Get One Free Boneless Bottom Round Roast and/or your Roasting Chickens! (BOGO on any meat is the absolutely BEST sale you can get at the grocery store.)

Check out these posts for EVEN MORE SAVINGS:
Nature's Pride bread, Nature's Bounty Vitamins, Birds Eye

*There are better scenarios out there on this deal as well! Currently, I am only posting deals with matching PRINTABLE coupons b/c I am assuming that everyone is busy like me and doesn't have time to hunt and clip! You can also order coupons through a clipping service like or purchase them off ebay.

(Coupon links courtesy of Cherry Picker)

Birds Eye + Steelers= You SCORE!!

SCORE BIG this week at Giant Eagle with some FREE veggies turning into Steeler Cash for you! *Birds Eye bagged veggies (and Steamfresh) are 5 for $5 with your Advantage Card which then earns you a $5 Steeler Advantage coupon that prints at the register.
*Team this up with the $0.50/1 Birds Eye coupon available in this Sunday's paper (10/18/09) and get those veggies for FREE! (Local Giant Eagles double coupons up to $0.99)
*Beg, borrow, or steal (okay, don't really steal! unless it is out of your neighbor's recycling bin) additional coupons to get 5 and walk away with a $5 Steelers money-maker.

Buy 5 Birds Eye bagged veggies $5.00
-5 $0.50/1 coupons (doubled to $1.00) $5.00
The Real Deal: FREE plus $5.00 Steeler cash!

This offer lasts through 10/21.


Does anyone really care what you think? Yes! Companies want to know and are willing to pay you for your feedback. Surveyhead is one great company that charges no fees to join and is proven to pay out! Plus, get an extra $5 just for registering with them! Payout is at $25 and you can chose to receive Paypal or any number of other reward options. They always seem to have many survey options to choose from and I have completed surveys paying up to $5 for just minutes of my time.

Note: Some of the actual survey companys do take quite awhile to validate the data so this is not a "quickie cash" option.

Savvy Shopper Tip-Manage Your Mail

Create an alternate email address to be used specifically for bargain shopping. You can use this address to sign up for coupons, earn rewards points, and register for extra saving with your favorite brands without flooding your personal email inbox. Keeping these emails separate also allows you to take time to deal with them on YOUR schedule and can help you maximize your savings!

My Points

One of my favorite ways to earn money is by using reward sites or cards to make my searching or shopping do double-duty. MyPoints is an excellent reward site that features THOUSANDS of retailers and opportunities to earn points which can be redeemed for a wide variety of gift cards or other rewards. I highly recommend creating an alternate email address to use MyPoints effectively because they send out many emails daily that give you chances to earn points just by reading. You may feel a bit overwhelmed if they are flooding your regular inbox daily.


Swagbucks is probably my absolute FAVORITE way to earn extra cash by doing absolutely nothing that I wouldn't be doing anyway. Rack up the bucks by simply searching the web as you normally would and trade them in for awesome gift cards, prizes, paypal, and MORE!
Currently, I have the Swagbucks Toolbar installed and use it to perform all my searches. But some members are taking advantage of the Facebook, Twitter, and Swagbucks Blog to really maximize their experience.
Best part? I can actually have my Swagbucks account linked to my real email addy and only see a newsletter from them (containing a swagcode!) once a month or less! No Spam!
What are you waiting for? Start Swagging!

One Day Giveaway! Old Navy Coupon 25% off

I have decided to give away a 25% off Old Navy coupon to get this blog rolling! I know it isn't the coveted $75 or $50 off/$100 coupon, but it is still a pretty decent deal. This coupon expires 10/22/09 and can be used in-store only. I will email the coupon directly to the winner as soon as the giveaway ends at 12 pm EST on Monday, October 19th.

Want to enter? There are two simple ways. Enter as many times as you would like!

1) Follow my blog and leave me a comment that you are a follower.

2) Leave a comment letting me know what kind of deals YOU are most interested in reading more about.

Winner will be picked Monday 10/19/09 at 12 pm and will be announced here as well as emailed. will pick the winner!

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