Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Gro Baby Love!

Think cloth diapering is not for you? Try Gro Baby hybrids FOR FREE and let me know what you think! They are offering a FREE Intro Set including their washable shell and DISPOSABLE soaker pads for bloggers who write about their product. Check out my review and see if you want to give them a try!

 THIS DEAL ENDS 10/20/09 at 12pm MST!

So I'm sure you've seen me post about my BIG LOVE for Gro Baby diapers for E & G. They truly are a revolutionary style of diaper that makes cloth diapering quick and convenient even in my crazy household. Well, here is proof that good things can get even BETTER!htt...p://

The Natural Baby Company is now offering BIODEGRADABLE (disposable or flushable!) soaker pads to make taking Gro Baby on the go even simpler! (I cannot thank you enough for this development!) These environmentally -friendly pads simply stick in to the Gro Baby shells and can be flushed (simply tear, shake out contents into the toilet, and throw away the rest), composted, or tossed (they break down after only 50-150 days compared to centuries!) after use. They also use a much healthier amount of gel crystals (3g vs up to 20 in commercial sposies!) to keep them super absorbant without fearing for my kiddos safety. I was lucky enough to be a tester for this product* and I could find absolutely NOTHING that I would have wanted changed. The pads provide excellent coverage and leave no areas of the shell exposed. They contained all messes and even worked out for overnight for my then-one-year-olds. Perfect for travel or just busy days!If you are on the fence about trying cloth diapering or if you want to be more environmentally responsible without putting poo in your washer (yes, this is the STILL the biggest question I get about cloth diapering) give Gro Baby a whirl.
*The Natural Baby Company is offering a FREE set to bloggers who write about this product. Would I have posted this rave review without this offer? ABSOLUTELY! This is just another example of The Natural Baby Co. showing gratitude for all their loyal customers. They truly are the cream of the crop for supporting those who send their dollars their way.

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