Thursday, November 19, 2009

Here I am!

Just wanted to apologize for the lack of content lately!
 I will be posting the Giant Eagle match up tomorrow and try to catch up
on some of the other on-going deals.
Also, I will post up a few links to FANTASTIC Black Friday Sales previews..
.I won't be posting the deals here I will leave that to the "big guns"!
 Through the holidays I will most likely only be able to post the grocery and drugstore deals and anything PHENOMENAL that I stumble across.
I LOVE to pass along the info about the deals, but I simply don't have the time
 that the full-time bloggers do to search, verify, and post each and every deal.
I wish I did!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

WOW! Hot Coupon Booklets at Giant Eagle

On my recent shopping trip to Giant Eagle, I was THRILLED to find 2 brand-new coupon booklets out!

First, I spotted a pink & white KASHI "Surprise Your Tastebuds"
coupon booklet on an outpost of granola bars.
These are a FANTASTIC matchup with the sale going on right now!
(Grab an extra because they don't expire until MARCH 31, 2010!)
Included are:
*$1.00 off ANY Kashi cereal
*$1.00 off ANY Kashi granola
*$1.00 off ANY Kashi snack item
*$1.00 off ANY TWO Kashi GO LEAN bars
*$1.00 off ANY Kashi TLC granola bars
*$1.00 off ANY TWO Kashi frozen items

Here's what  you could do with just ONE booklet:
Kashi TLC Granola Bars 2/$6
-$1.00 off ANY Kashi TLC granola bars
-$1.00 off ANY Kashi snack item
The Real Deal: 2/$4 or $2 per box!! (These retail for $3.89/box so that is a great price!)

Kashi All Natural Pizza 2/$11
-$1.00 off ANY TWO Kashi frozen items
The Real Deal: 2/$10 or only $5 a piece!

Kashi selected cereals 2/$6
-$1.00 off ANY Kashi cereal
-$$1.00 off ANY Kashi granola
The Real Deal: 2/$4 or $2/box!!

Then, I discovered Nabisco's "Keep the Jingle in your Holidays Party Planner" booklet on a blinking outpost near frozen foods!
 Filled with recipes and $5 off coupon for "Clue: Secrets & Spies"
this booklet is sure to be a great resource for holiday planning!

 Included are:
*$10.00 MAIL-IN REBATE FORM wyb 10 Nabisco Crackers, Easy Cheese, or Planter's Nuts
(for reciepts 10/1/09-11/30/09 must be submitted by 12/15/09)
*$10.00 MAIL-IN REBATE FORM wyb 10 Nabisco Crackers, Easy Cheese, or Planter's Nuts

(for reciepts 12/1/09-1/31/09 must be submitted by 2/15/10)
*Save $1.50 wyb any one Starbucks Coffee (12 oz bags)
*Save $0.55 wyb any 1 NILLA WAFERS (any variety 11-12 oz)
*Save $1.00 wyb 2 10.5 oz+ packages of Maxwell House
*Save $1.00 wyb any 2 General Foods International packages
*Save $1.00 wby any 2 Toasted Chips varieties or Easy Cheese
*Save $1.00 wyb any 2 Honey Maid Grahams (10 oz-14.4 oz)
*Save $1.00 wyb any 2 Ritz Crackers product (13-16 oz) or Easy Cheese
*Save $1.00 wyb any 2 Triscuit Crackers product (8-9.5oz) or Easy Cheese
*Save $1.00 wyb any 2 Wheat Thins Crackers product (7.5-10 oz) or Easy Cheese
*Save $1.00 wyb any 2 Planter's Nuts
Save$1.00 wyb any 2 Nabisco Stoned Wheat Thins, Sociables, Better Cheddars, Chicken in a Biskit, or Easy Cheese

Pair them up with the following in-store sales:
Planters Cashews, Almonds, or Mixed Nuts 2/$7
General Foods International Coffee mixes $3.19
Nabisco Ritz, Toasted Chips, or Nilla Wafers 2/$5

Also, I spotted a deal that I don't think I posted on the weekly match-up...
Many varieties Chex Cereals 4/$10 SAVE $4 INSTANTLY 4/$6
-$1.00/2 Chex cereals (print twice)
The Real Deal: 4/$4 or $1 a box!!!
There are some great new varieties out there like Chocolate and Cinnamon with recipes for special Chex Mixes on the box!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Giant Eagle Deals 11/12-11/18

Some great savings at Giant Eagle this week especially if you are doing the Thanksgiving cooking!

Giant Eagle Frozen Turkeys USDA Grade A, 18 lbs+ $0.79/lb
Limit one per family.

International Delight Coffee Creamer 2/$3
-$0.75 off any International Delight Coffee Creamer (print twice)

Del Monte Canned Vegetables or
College Inn Broth 20/$15 Save $5 INSTANTLY 20/$10
-$1.00/2 College Inn Chicken or Beef Broth 14.5 oz (print twice use zip 45215)
The Real Deal: 20/$8.00 or $0.40 each

Birds Eye Bagged or Boxed Vegetables 10/$10
-$1.00/4 Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables (print twice)
The Real Deal: 8/$6 or $0.75 each

Ore-Ida Steam n' Mash Potatoes 2/$7
-$1.00 off any Ore-Ida Steam n' Mash Potatoes (print twice)
The Real Deal: 2/$5 or $2.50 each

French's French Fried Onions (original or cheddar) 2/$7
-$0.55/1 French's French Fried Onions (print twice)
The Real Deal: 2/$4.80 or $2.40 each

Rhodes Warm-N-Serve Rolls 2/$5
-$0.75/1 Rhodes Warm-N-Serve Rolls (print twice)
The Real Deal: 2/$2 or $1 each!

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits 4/$6 Save $1.00 INSTANTLY 4/$5
-$1.00 off any Pillsbury Grands! Refrigerated biscuits (print twice)
The Real Deal: 4/$3 or $0.75 each

Sara Lee Oven Fresh Pies BOGO
(Ad states Save Up to $6.28)
-$1.00 off Sara Lee Frozen Dessert (print twice)
The Real Deal: 2/$4.28 or $2.14/pie!

McCormick Vanilla extract 25% off
-$1.00 off McCormick spice, herb, or extract (use zip 42515)
The Real Deal: I have no idea, but I'm sure it is a decent savings!

Carnation Evaporated Milk 10/$10
-$0.50/2 Carnation Evaporated Milk (print twice)
The Real Deal: 4/$2 or $0.50 each!

Dixie or Vanity Fair Plates, Bowls, or Cups 2/$4
-$1.00/2 Dixie Plates  (use zip code 01089)
The Real Deal: 2/$3 or $1.50 each

Coffee-Mate Unflavored Creamer
32 oz Regular, Lite, or Fat Free 2/$5
-$1.00 off any Coffee-Mate Liquid or Powder 15 oz+ (print twice)
The Real Deal: 2/$3 or $1.50 each

Get a great lunch for a great price to tide you over until the big dinner!

Buy a 32 oz Soup (hot or cold) for $6.99
And get
*12 oz Prepackaged American Blend Salad FREE
*Freshly-baked baguette FREE
*1.5 Liter Lipton Tea product FREE
(The coupons are normally right with the soup, but if you don't see them ask at the Prepared Foods Dept.)

Super Snack Savings

Frito Lay's Potato Chips BOGO

Heluva Good Chunk Cheese 2/$4
-$0.50 off any Heluva Good product (print twice)
The Real Deal: 2/$2 or $1 each!

Nature Valley Bars 3/$7
-$0.40 off Nature Valley Bars (print twice and HERE)
The Real Deal: 3/$4.60 or $1.53 per box!

Old Orchard Juice 4/$10
-$1.00/2 Old Orchard Juice products (print twice)
The Real Deal: 4/$8 or $2 each

Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats or Cinnabon Bars 2/$4
-$1.00/2 Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats
The Real Deal: 2/$3 or $1.50 each

Chex, Bugles, or Cheerios Snack Mix 5/$10
-$0.50 off Chex Mix 4.5 oz+ (print twice)
The Real Deal: 2/$2 or $1 each

Save $2.00 off your next shopping trip when you buy $10 worth
of products below:

*Wish-Bone Salad Dressing 2/$4
-$0.75/1 Wish-Bone Western Salad Dressing (print twice)
The Real Deal: 2/$1 or $0.50 each
*Hellmann's Mayonnaise 30 oz 2/$5
*Skippy Peanut Butter 4/$10
*Knorr Side Dishes or Recipe Secrets 10/$10
-$1.00/3 Knorr Side dishes (print twice)
The Real Deal: 6/$4 or $0.67 each
*Ragu Pasta Sauce 3/$5
*Bertolli Meals $5.99 each
Imperial Quarters 5/$4
*advertised Steelers Advantage items

Other Bargains

General Mills cereal 4/$10
Lucky Charms or Cheerios
-$1.00/2 Lucky Charms
-$0.55 off Original Cheerios (print twice)
The Real Deal: 4/$6.80 or $1.70 each
Ad pictures Original Cheerios and says "selected varieties"...there are even better scenarios using
$1.00 off Banana Nut Cheerios
Or $0.75/1 Multigrain Cheerios (if these varieties are included in the sale)

General Mills cereals Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Golden Grahams 4/$12
-$0.55 off Cinnamon Toast Crunch (print twice)
-$1.00/2 Golden Grahams cereal
The Real Deal: 4/$8.80 or $2.20 each

Muir Glen Organic Soups or Canned Tomatoes 4/$10 Save $2 INSTANTLY 4/$8
-$1.00 off any Muir Glen product (print twice)
The Real Deal: 4/$6 or $1.50 each!

Yoplait Light or Thick & Creamy Yogurt Cups 20/$10
-$0.50/6 Yoplait Yogurt Cups (print twice)
-$0.50/6 Yoplait Yogurt Cups
The Real Deal: 18/$6 or $0.34 each!

Van de Kamp's Fish Fillets, Tenders, or Sticks 2/$7
-$1.50 off any Van De Kamp's Frozen Seafood (print twice use zip code 76109)
The Real Deal: 2/$4 or $2.00 each

Aunt Jemima Syrup or Pancake Mix 2/$5
-$1.00/2 Aunt Jemima Syrup or Pancake Mix
The Real Deal: 2/$4 or $2 each

Uncle Ben's Long Grain or Ready Rice 4/$7
-$1.00/2 any Uncle Ben's Rice products (print twice)
The Real Deal: 4/$5 or $1.25 each

All Liquid Laundry Detergent (64 loads) $6.99
-$1.00 off All Liquid Laundry Detergent
The Real Deal: Only $5.99

Ester C or Knox (14-90 ct or 13.86 oz) BOGO
-$2.00 off Ester C product (print twice use zip code 01089)
-$4.00 off any Knox product (print twice)
The Real Deal: 2/$13.98 or $6.99 each!*
*I am not sure of the shelf-price on these so I am basing it off of the advertised "Save up to $21.98" price and using 2 Knox printables.

Sundown Vitamins or Osteo-Bi Flex BOGO
-$3.00/2 Sundown Vitamins
-$5.00 off Osteo-Bi Flex (print twice use zip code 01089)
The Real Deal: 2/$21.98 or $10.99 each!*
*Again I am not sure of the shelf-price so I used the advertised "Save up to $31.98" price and the higher value printables.

It's Baaaaack! Free Trial for Amazon Prime!

Love to shop Amazon, but hate to pay shipping or wait for the free super saver shipping?
Test out Amazon Prime completely FREE for one month!*
Normally $79 per year, Amazon Prime allows
FREE UNLIMITED 2 day shipping and
$3.99 upgrade to 1 day shipping.
Perfect for getting those holiday gifts here just in the nick of time!

Check out these great savings on Leapfrog products
while you are there!

*This offer is only good one time so if you participated in the free trial last year you will not be eligible this year. I believe it is by account holder and not by physical address so if you are ineligible, try it out with your spouse's account! Let me know if it works!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WOW! Drugstore Printables

Use these $$ off printables to make your drugstore savings GROW!

Rite Aid
$4 off $20 purchase

$5 off $30 purchase for taking a short Medicare Part D quiz

$5 off $25 purchase (also available in-store on this week's flyer)

30% off Give and Get Event at Gap!

at Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic
(includes Factory Outlet Stores)
Thursday, November 12th-Sunday November 15th

BONUS: 5% of your purchase will be donated to your choice of the following charities:

*The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
*Feeding America
*Teach For America
*Service Nation

This coupon can be used mulitple times over the four day period so print it once and share it with your family and friends!

WOW! Great Game Sale at Toys R Us!

Does someone you know have board games on their list this Christmas?
If so, check out Toys R Us for some AMAZING prices on kids' classics like:

Candy Land
Chutes & Ladders
Ants in Pants
ALL for only $2 each after Mail-In Rebate!!

Or check out these other HOT buys:

Chutes & Ladders - Disney Princess Edition $4

Chutes & Ladders - Super Hero Squad $4
Scrabble $7 after a mail-in rebate
Clue Jr. Game The Case of the Missing Prizes $8
Boggle Jr -Your Preschoolers First Boggle Game $8
Rubik's Cube $8
Rubik's 360 $8
Scrabble Junior $8
Yahtzee $8
Monopoly Junior $8
Monopoly Deal Shuffle Shaker $8

Plus, buy $25 worth of games and earn a $10 Toys R Us giftcard!
My Scenario:
Buy Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, and Ants in Pants $11.97
-$ Mail-In Rebates                                                        $6.00
Buy Clue Jr. and Boggle Jr.                                            $15.98
The Real Deal:  $27.95 minus $6 MIR= $21.95 PLUS $10 GC= 5 games for $11.95 or only $2.39/game!
Perfect for gift-giving or stocking up for Family Game Night!

*Sale prices through 11/14.

WOW! Disney Jammies for Just $5

Check out these Little Einstein jammies on Ebay for only $5 with FREE SHIPPING!

Sizes 2T-5T available.
These are selling for $16.50 plus shipping on The Disney

WOW! Smoking Target Deals!!

Need an extra stocking stuffer or a great buy on a grab bag gift for school?

Head to Target and pick up a Mr. Potato Head Spud Buds toy for $5.99,
pair it with this $5.00 off (1) Mr. Potato Head Spud Buds printable and get it for only $0.99!

Or if  you are looking for the LeapFrog TAG Reading System pick it up now!

LeapFrog Tag System, $39.99

The Real Deal: Only $19.99!!

While you are there, check out the Dollar Spot for HOT $1 Rayovac Batteries! Grab some $1 off Rayovac Batteries coupons from Ebay or a coupon clipping site (Coupons by Dede or 
and scoop up some FREE BATTERIES!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

WOW! Black SATURDAY? at Walmart 11/7!

Looks like Walmart is trying to avoid another Black Friday disaster this year and is starting the season early!
ONE DAY ONLY SALE starts Saturday, November 7th at 8:00 am

Here are some the HOT BUYS you can score if you get there early!*
*46" Panasonic Plasma HDTV $788
*HP 250GB PC Laptop $298
*Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player $148
*Xbox 360 Arcade $199 with $100 GIFT CARD!
*Magnavox DVD player with 1080p upconverter $29
*42" Sharp LCD HDTV $498

Are these good buys as good as they look?

*quantities are limited so get there early if  you want to snatch up one of these items! I have heard rumors of 10 per store.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WOW! 20% off Coach Outlet coupon

now through Sunday November 15th!

This coupon is on top of their current 25-60% off reductions.
Let me know what you bought!

Giant Eagle Deals 11/5-11/11

SUPER HOT BUY for you holiday bakers!

Land O'Lakes Butter quarters (16 oz) 5 for $10
Save $2 off INSTANTLY when you spend $10
The Real Deal: 5 for $8 or only $1.60 per lb.

EVEN BETTER there are $0.50/1 coupons available on coupon clipping sites (like Coupons by Dede or which would get your REAL BUTTER for baking for only $0.60 per lb.

 If you don’t want to waste time on ordering coupons, grab them up for the 5/$8 price.
 I have been happily surprised to find coupons inside the package of many of my Land O'Lakes purchases.
 P.S. Butter freezes nicely so stock up!

Del Monte or Contadina Canned Tomatoes (14.5 oz) 10 for $10
-$1.00 off 4 Del Monte or Contadina Tomato products (print twice)
The Real Deal: Buy 8 for only $0.75 per can

The coupon links below take you to Betty, however, the coupons look suspicously familiar. Check out the scrollbar above to see if you can print them there also for DOUBLE THE SAVINGS!
Betty Crocker Potatoes 8 for $10
-$0.40/1 Betty Crocker potatoes (print twice)
The Real Deal: 8 for $8.40 PLUS $2 OYNO so only $0.80/package!

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers 3 for $5
-$0.50/1 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers (print twice)
The Real Deal: 3 for $3 or $1 per package

Green Giant Boxed Vegetables 10 for $10
-$0.50/2 Green Giant Boxed Vegetables (print twice)
The Real Deal: 4 for $2 or $0.50 per package

Progresso Traditional, Light, or High Fiber Soups 8 for $10
-$1.00 off 3 Progresso Soups (print twice)
The Real Deal: 6 for $5.50 or $0.92 per can

Digiorno Ultimate Toppings or Stuffed Crust Pizza $5.99
-$1.50 off one Digiorno Ultimate Toppings Pizza (featured above)
The Real Deal: $4.49

Coffee-Mate Flavored Creamers 2 for $3
-$1.00 off any Coffee-Mate Flavored Creamer 15 oz+ (print twice) (featured above)
The Real Deal: 2 for $1.00 or $0.50 each!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November means NEW Stonyfield Farms coupons

A new month means NEW COUPONS!

Stonyfield Farms is featuring the following if you
 register with their site:

*Save $0.50 off 3 6 oz OrganicYogurts
*Save $0.50 off 3 6 oz O'Soy Yogurts
*Save $0.50 off any 32 oz Organic Yogurt
*Save $0.50 off Organic Fat-Free Probiotic Multipack
*Save $0.50 off any O'Soy Multipack
*Save $0.50 off any 5.3 oz Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt
*Save $0.50 off any 16 oz Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt

*Save $0.50 off any YoBaby Organic Multipack
*Save $0.50 off any YoBaby Organic Drinkable Yogurt
*Save $0.50 off any YoKids Organic Yogurt Multipack
*Save $0.50 off any YoKids Organic Squeezers
*Save $0.50 off any 10 oz Stonyfield Smoothie
*Save $0.50 off any Organic Yogurt  Smoothie Multipack
*Save $0.50 off any half-gallon Organic Milk
*Save $0.50 off any Organic Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt

These coupons are limited to ONE print per computer, but redeem them at Giant Eagle and enjoy DOUBLE THE SAVINGS!

WOW! Walgreens Money-Maker

I just got the scoop on this AMAZING deal from Deal Seeking Mom!
This month at Walgreens' earn $8 RR when you buy 3 Lubriderm lotions (6 oz) at $3.79 a piece.

Buy 3 6 oz Lubriderm lotions $11.37
-$2/1 Lubriderm lotion (print 3 may need to ask a friend to print the 3rd one for you*) $6.00
-$1/1 Lubriderm lotion (from Diabetes & You booklet...should be found at the Pharmacy counter) $3.00
The Real Deal: $2.37 PLUS $8.00 earn $5.63 on this transaction!!

NOTE: You will need to buy 3 "filler" items to use these coupons...try pencils, gum, or candy. Also, DO NOT use your RR to purchase more of the Lubriderm b/c you will not earn RR on that transaction. You can use your RR on just about anything else though!

*I normally just stick to the printable coupons, but in this case I recommend purchasing some of these coupons from a coupon clipping site (like Coupons by Dede or and stocking up on these coupons! If you do not like/use this lotion, please consider donating it to your local women's shelter or church so they can pass it along to people in need and you can keep the profit!

WOW! Save 30% off at Gymboree

Gymboree announced their Circle of Friends Event
 just in time to get your little ones some festive holiday wear!

The sale runs Thursday, November 5th-Sunday, November 8th.
 Use code GYMFAMILY online to save an amazing 30% off
your entire purchase.
 Combine that discount with FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $100 and SAVE BIG!

WOW! Super Cheap Campbell's at Walmart

Walmart has their Campbell's "Cream of" cooking soups on rollback for $0.58 right now!
 Pair this deal with the $1/2 Campbell's Cooking Soup printable and score
soup for only $0.08 a can!

Don't like or use "Cream of" soups? This is a great time to grab some items to donate to your local food pantry or church!


Monday, November 2, 2009

WOW! New printable $5 off $25 purchase at TRU/BRU + MORE!

Babies R Us &Toys R Us have some great new printables out including a HOT $5 off any purchase of $25 or more (sorry! it does exclude diapers and formula).

Check out some of these bargains & stack with manufacturer's coupons for EVEN MORE SAVINGS!
Save $3 off any 6 can/bottle case of RTF formula
Save $4 off  ALL Pampers (92-252ct) and Huggies (72-288 ct) value box diapers
Get a $5 gift card with the purchase of 2 Pampers or Huggies value boxes
Save $3 off any 2 cans of powdered formula (23.2 oz+)
Save $2 off any value boxes of wipes (320 ct+)

Don't have any mannies? Print these now!

Also included are coupons for baby layette, clothing, food, gear, AND MORE!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Drugstore Deals 11/01-11/07

Wow! Hard to believe November is here already! Light week at the drugstores as far as printable matchups go, maybe they are letting you rest after a hard night of Trick or Treating.

Rite Aid
*Rite Aid Photo processing FREE wyb Rite Aid Brand or Fuji Film One-Time-Use Camera Single Pack scr #43
Purchase one of any variety Rite Aid Brand or Fuji Film One-Time-Use Camera Single Pack AND Rite Aid In-Store Processing, and receive back by mail the purchase price of the Photo Processing

*Oral-B CrossAction Power Toothbrush $5 get $2 SCR #112
-$3 "manufacturer's coupon found in most sunday papers"
(not really a printable, but if you are in need of a power toothbrush it would be worth it to pick up a paper at CVS and get this deal!)

*Kashi Cereal, $2.49
-$1.50/1 Kashi printable
-$0.50/1 Kashi Rite Aid (with in-ad coupon)
The Real Deal: $0.49!

*Chex Mix $2.19 BOGO
-$0.50 off Chex Mix (print twice)
The Real Deal: $1.20/2 or only $0.60 each!

source: i heart rite aid: 11/01 - 11/07 weekly deals

Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills 3 ct or holders get $3 eb wyb $10 Limit 3
Refills 2/$5
-Buy One Glade Scented Oil Candle Holder and Get a Refill Free (print twice use zip code 90210)
The Real Deal: 2 Holders & 2 Refills for $5 plus $3 ECB = $2 or only $0.50/piece!*
*Combine this with the $5 SC Johnson Mail-In Rebate when you buy 3 and this will be a $3 money-maker!

*Post Trail Mix Crunch BOGO
-$2/1 off Post Trail Mix Crunch printable (print twice)
The Real Deal: FREE or super cheap!

source: i heart cvs: 11/01 - 11/07 weekly deals

*Robitussin To Go 2 ct $2.49 get $2.50 rr 9/27-11/28
*Hunt's tomatoes sauce 8 oz 3/$1 w/ in-ad coupon
-$1 off 3 hunt's products (must play silly game)

Almost FREE
*Aquafresh iso-active toothpaste $2.79 (with in-ad coupon)
-$1.00 off Aquafresh iso-active toothpaste
The Real Deal: $1.79

*Glade Sense & Spray, $4.99
-$4/1 Glade Sense & Spray printable
The Real Deal: $0.99
Buy 3 and make $2 using the $5 SC Johnson Mail-In Rebate

source: i heart wags: 11/01 - 11/07 weekly deals

Friday, October 30, 2009

FREE Entertainment

It is pouring down rain today which made me think of some of my favorite go-to sites for FREE kids' entertainment. What sites do you love to make bad weather days fun?

For the very small set, I love It features a wide variety of colorful, interactive games that even the youngest babies can play. Each game is designed to be responsive to ANY KEY being pressed on the keyboard. They learn that by pressing the keys something cool will happen.
(Hey! That's cause and effect!)
They have recently added some new games for young preschoolers like Alphabet, Numbers, and Colors. Super cool! is a site for all ages that allows you to search craft activities by age group, time needed, and even materials to allow you to have a great time without needing to buy any craft supplies.
This is an awesome site for holiday craft fun, snacks, and more!

Download this FREE Where the Wild Things Are Activity Book and tame your wild things! Great activity PDF for the school-age can make a Wild Things Mobile, play Wild Things bingo, or create your own Wild Things place. Great prompts for some in-depth conversations.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

And while you're at the mall...

Scooping up those HOT 50% off Payless shoes tomorrow...
Swing by Old Navy and get ALL Halloween costumes and goodies for ONLY $2 each!!
(Friday 10/30 and Saturday 10/31 only).

This would be a great time to use your coupon too!
(Did you get a good one this week? All the high value ones are gone for this week,
but there are a few 10-15% off coupons hanging around the site.)

Or even better, save it for a later trip...just bring your kiddo (or spouse, or dog, or self!) in costume into the store on Halloween and score 15% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE!

50% off Payless Shoes (Thanks Oprah!)


Payless Shoes is offering 50% off to Oprah viewers (or my lucky readers) now through
close of business Friday, October 30th.
Print the coupon or text OPRAHSHOW to 242424  and receive a digital code to show at the register.

source: Thanks Cyndi!

GIANT Giant Eagle Deals 10/29-11/04

WOW! Giant Eagle apparently thought I didn't have much else to do this week
when they put together this MASSIVE sale!
 I apologize in advance if I missed anything and
I will keep you updated if I do find a great deal that I didn't post.

NOTE: If the coupon link is NOT included that means it is a coupon
and can be printed from the aqua scrollbar above!

Maxwell House Coffee (31.5-34.5 oz) $5.88
-$1 off
The Real Deal: $4.88

Hamburger Helper 10/$10
-$0.75/3 (print twice)
-$0.75/3 (smartsource)
The Real Deal: 10/$4 or $0.40 each!

Yoplait Yogurt 20/$10 -$1.00 INSTANTLY
-$0.55/1 (print twice)
-$0.55/1 (print twice smartsource)
-$0.50/6 (print twice)
The Real Deal: 20/$3.60 or $0.18/cup!

Stacy's Bagel or Pita Chips 2/$7
-$1 off (print twice ss)
The Real Deal: 2/$5

Heluva Good! Chunk Cheese 2/$4
-$0.50 one Heluva Good! product (print twice)
The Real Deal: 2/$2

Bar S Franks BOGO
-$1/2 Jumbo Franks
The Real Deal: Around $2.00-$2.50

Sunshine Cheez-Its 2/$5 - $1.00 off INSTANTLY
-$0.75/1 Sunshine Cheez-Its  (print twice)
The Real Deal: 2/$1.00 or $0.50 EACH!!

Betty Crocker Deal
Buy 4 and get a FREE Wilton Medium Cake or Cookie Pan INSTANTLY!
Scenario 1
Buy 2 Betty Crocker Frosting 2/$3
Buy 2 Betty Crocker Cake or Brownie Mix 4/$5
-$0.50 off cake AND frosting (print twice)
The Real Deal: 4 Betty Crocker items for $3.50 and get your FREE Cake Pan!

Scenario 2
Buy 4 Brownie Mixes 4/$5
-$0.75/2 Supreme Brownie Mix (print twice)
The Real Deal: 4 Brownie Mixes for $2.00 PLUS a FREE Cookie Sheet!

Pillsbury Toaster Strudels 4/$8 - $1.00 off INSTANTLY
-0.55/2 Toaster Strudels (print twice)
The Real Deal: 4/$4.80 or $1.20 each!

Birds Eye Baby Blends, Farmfresh, Steamfresh Blends, or Specially Seasoned Vegetables 5/$10-$2.00 off INSTANTLY
-$1 off (print twice)
The Real Deal: 5/$6 or $1.20 each

$6 off your next order when you buy $30 or more of the following baby products:
Huggies or Pampers boxed diapers (48-96 ct) $18.99 each*
Pampers or Huggies Baby Wipe Refills (180-231 ct) $5.99 each
Gerber Stage 2 Baby Foods $0.99 each
Gerber Graduates, Lil Entrees, Healthy Meals, Finger Foods, Smart Sips, Granola Bars, Crackers, or Banana Cookies 2/$4
Enfamil Powdered Large Cans $22.99/each
J&J Baby Care (6.5-15oz) 2/$6
Playtex Nipples, Pacifiers, Drop-In Liners or Bottles 15% off

-$5/1 Enfamil Premium
Print Huggies coupons HERE!

My Scenario:
Buy 1 Box Huggies Diapers $18.99
Buy 2 Packages Huggies Wipes $11.98
-$2.00 Huggies printable
-$1.50/2 Huggies wipes
The Real Deal: $27.47 PLUS $6 on your next order = $21.47!

MAJOR On Your Next Orders (OYNOs)
$3 OYNO when you buy (wyb) Charmin Ultra Bath Tissue 2/$13
$4 OYNO wyb Tide Laundry Liquid or Era Laundry Liquid 2/$22
$3 OYNO wyb Bounty Paper Towels (6 big rolls) 2/$13

MEAT BOGOS (Must buy 2 of the same item)
Boneless Round Sirloin Tip Roast
BallPark Franks
Honeysuckle White Turkey Breast (frozen)
Boneless Center Cut Pork Loin Roast or Value Pack Chops
Boneless Chuck Shoulder Roast
Value Pack Boneless Country Style Pork Ribs or Chef's Prime Roast
Boneless Round Sirloin Tip Steaks
Oscar Mayer Sliced Bacon
Boneless Top Round
Hillshire Farms Polska Kielbasa or Smoked Sausage
Fresh Cut Boneless Veal Scallpini
Giant Eagle Ground Turkey
Tyson Entrees OR Tyson Chicken or Beef Strips
John Morrell Off the Bone Lunchmeat
Honeysuckle White Turkey Tenderloins
Butterball Sausage Polska or Sausage
Johnsonville Fresh or Smoked Sausage Link or Heat and Serve
Bob Evans Express Pre-Cooked Links or Patties

WOW! New Snackpicks Coupons

Have you been to Snackpicks yet?
If you are looking for a fun snack for your kiddos or to take to a school or church function,
be sure to check it out!
There are some super cute Halloween treats featured if you are still figuring out
what to take to that school party tomorow.

Right now, when you register there are some great coupons to print to save even more on those fun treats!

*$1.00/2 Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies (8.5 oz+)
*$0.75 off Sunshine Cheez-Its crackers
*$0.75 off Keebler Sandwich crackers (8 ct.)
*$1.00/2 Special K Bars
*$1.00/2 Keebler Club Snack Stick crackers
*$1.00/2 Kellogg Nutri-Grain bar packages
*$0.55 off Murray Sugar Free cookie packages
*$0.75 off Keebler Graham Cracker Snack Bites
$1.00/2 Keebler Club Crackers
$1.00 off any Kellogg Cinnabon Bars

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sneak Peek: Giant Eagle 10/28-11/3

I am still in the process of doing coupon matchups for this week's Giant Eagle ad, but I wanted to let you know that it looks like a FABULOUS week of savings!

Some quick examples:

Butterball Turkey breasts BOGO
Major Meat Dept. BOGO
Fantastic Baby Deals
More cereal and breakfast items on the cheap!

Check back here for the complete list with coupon matchups tonight!

WOW! Free One-Day Pass to Sam's Club

Wondering whether a warehouse club could save you even more than couponing at your local grocery store? Find out now for FREE!
 Print this pass (PDF) and head to Sam's Club to see if bulk shopping is right for you!

Pass must be used by 11/7/09.
Check it out and let us know what real deals YOU found!

Note: A 10% service fee applies to all purchases made with the Free One-Day pass so if you are really loading up your cart you may want to purchase a membership before checking out!


WOW! Piperlime $25 Giftcard

Piperlime is celebrating it's 3rd Birthday and offering all customers a $25 Gift Certificate toward your next purchase if you place an order today.
One out of every 100 orders will receive a $100 certificate. Shipping is Free for orders over $50.
Get these sweet kicks for FREE!

(Purchase price is $25.00
- FREE $25.00 giftcard you receive with your package
The Real Deal: FREE!)

Note: Final Sale items and Gift Card purchases do not qualify. Offer expires at 11:59 pm PST on October 27, 2009.

Monday, October 26, 2009

WOW! Disney Cars E-Z Bed Inflatable Airbed and Sleeping Bag

Have you seen KidsWoot?
Another cool Deal of the Day site offering up ONE item at a FANTASTIC price daily.
 (Kids Woot updates at midnight CT)
Today's feature is this Cars Inflatable Airbed for $14.99

( has these listed for $29.99)

I know some Piston Cup fans at my house who would love to see this under the tree!
(Plus, yeah...their commentary is usually worth a quick look-see on its own.)

WOW! Rewards "R" Us Members Sale

I found this HOT sale in my inbox this morning!
 Babies R Us and Toys R Us are having a Members Only Sale
for Rewards R Us members 
Wednesday October 28th from 5-9pm

Over $730 in coupons including:
$30 off Evenflo Aura Elite Travel System
$20 Eddie Bauer Summit Booster Seat
15% off ALL Evenflo Gates
30% off all Simmons mattresses ($119.99+)
30% off Disney Cars or Fairies deluxe upholstered chairs
30% off your ENTIRE clothing purchase ($50+)
$10 Vicks Germ-Free humidifier
25% ALL blankets
Buy 2, Get 3rd FREE Munchkin cups & mealtime sets
$5 off Seventh Generation laundry or cleaning product ($15+)
FREE $15 giftcard with purchase of any 2 Huggies Value boxes (72-288 ct)
FREE $10 giftcard when you purchase any 3 cans of Enfamil formula (23.4oz+)
50% off iCarly 49 key keyboard
50% off Hook it Up! Live Jam
50% off Hannah Montana, Jonas Bros, Monsters vs. Aliens, or Transformers 2 DVDs
50% off ALL Terminator action figures+
$20 off Tinker Bell: Lost Treasure & Snow White Blu-Rays wyb BOTH
$20 off ALL 1:10 scale radio-controlled trucks
25% off ALL Mighty Mugs
25% off ALL Tech Decks boards & playsets
Buy 1, Get 2nd Free Bratz Dolls and accessories
$10 off Password Journal Design  packs
15% off all Rallye Bikes
15% off ALL Bell Tru-Fit helmets
20% of ALL Little Tykes playhouses
20% off ALL wood gymsets
$40 off Jeep Overland Ltd. Jogging Stroller (orange/grey)
30% off ALL crib bedding sets

The coupons state that Rewards Membership card MUST be present at purchase.
Not a member? Sign up today!

Free Black Jack Taco at Taco Bell

Think you'll have room for a treat other than candy this Halloween?
Head over to your local Taco Bell and get a Black Jack taco for FREE October 31st from 6pm-midnight.

Offer good at participating Taco Bells while supplies last.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Drugstore Deals 10/25-10/31 UPDATE

Rite Aid

Huggies Jumbo Packs $9.99 get $3 SCR
-$2.00 any package (if you saved this to your desktop from Nature's Goodness)*
-$1.50 Little Snugglers or Little Movers (print above from the scrollbar)
-$2.00 Rite Aid Video Values Huggies coupon (simply watch a short Huggies ad here & print your coupon!)
The Real Deal: $3-3.50/package or $0.10/sz 3 Little Mover
*Let me know if you need this coupon. I believe I can email it to you.

BUT Rite Aid also has a rebate out where you buy 5 packages of qualified Huggies diapers and get another package FREE! So I would buy all 5 packages today and use my $5/$25 Rite Aid printable to get a package free right at the register and then enter my receipt for the free package voucher.
The Real Deal: Only $3.33 per package after SCRs!
Sorry readers, this is not quite the phenomenal deal I was hoping. In all my excitement, I failed to verify the limit on the Huggies rebate. It is a LIMIT ONE rebate. Good deal on one pack, but not the stock-up-fest I originally indicated.

BETTER THAN FREE after coupons and SCRs
*Vaseline Intensive Care Sheer Infusion Body Lotion 6.8 oz $4.99 get $4 SCR
-$1.50 Vaseline Sheer Infusion or here
(This lotion is FANTASTIC! One of my favorite freebies so far!)

FREE after SCRs
*GE Soft White Long Life 2 pk 2/$2 get $2 scr #134 wyb 2
*Kotex Maxi Pads 14-24 ct or Security Tampons 18 ct or Lightday Liners 42-64 ct $2.99 get $2 SCR
-$1 kotex

source: i heart rite aid: 10/25 - 10/31 weekly dealsatuid-46a5e3575d5195bc;ssh-googleatuid-46a5e3575d5195bc;ssh-google

Campbell's or Swanson Soup 10.75 or chicken broth 14 oz 2/$1 limit 6
-$1 off 2 Campbell's cooking soups

Buy Dove Shampoo and Conditioner 2/$8
-$1 off Dove haircare, any (print twice)
-$1.00 off any Dove shampoo or conditioner (CVS coupon from $100 coupon book...ASK if you don't see it!)
Buy 2 Dove Ultra Clear deodorant 2/$7
-$2 off Dove Ultra Clear deodorant (print twice)
-$1.00 off any Dove or Degree Clinical strength deodorant (CVS coupoon from $100 coupon book)
Buy 1 Dove Cream Oil body lotion $7
-$1.50 off Dove Cream Oil body lotion
The Real Deal:  $10.50 PLUS get a $10 ECB for purchasing $20 worth of Dove Products= $0.50!!

source: i heart cvs: 10/25 - 10/31 weekly deals

(Apparently Wags is worried about your digestive health this week...)
FREE after RRs
*Chapstick Fresh Effects $2.99 get $3 RR 9/27-10/31
*Trident Gum Xtra Care or Layers, 2/$2 get $1 RRs wyb 2
-$1/2 Trident Layers printable
*Dulcolax Balance $7 get $4 RR
-$3 dulcolax coupon on pack
*Fiber Choice 12 ct or Beano To Go 12 ct $2.49 get $2.49 RR
*Robitussin To Go $2.49 get $2.50 RR 9/27-11/?

source: i heart wags: 10/25 - 10/31 weekly deals

Saturday, October 24, 2009

WOW! Crayola Color Explosion Glow Board

1 comments has an AMAZING deal on this cool preschool/school-age toy!

The Crayola Color Explosion Glow Board features:

*Glow board gives kids a unique and exciting way to display their artwork
*Illuminates ink drawings like neon sign; props up for easier display
*Drawing surface is reusable, making for hours of fun
*Comes with 6 dazzling neon markers -- red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and pink
*Drawings magically appear and disappear
and Amazon has it for only $14.99 (regular price $32.99)! 

Buy two (or any combination totalling $25+) and you will get a FREE subscription to Parenting Early Years or Parenting School Years ($9.97 value).
Don't want another magazine? ( either.) Simply follow the rebate instructions in your email and receive a rebate for the FULL VALUE.
The Real Deal after rebate: Only $9.99 a piece! PLUS FREE SuperSaver Shipping!

Coupon Stacking 101

There is a whole new layer to saving that we haven't explored yet. It is called "coupon stacking" and means taking a regular manufacturer coupon and pairing it with a store-specific coupon for double (or MORE!) savings. You can find these coupons in the weekly flyers, in special in-store coupon booklets, or even print some right from home. My favorite stores for coupon stacking are CVS, Walgreen's, and Target.

EXAMPLE: Target (ad 10/18-10/24)
General Mills Cereal (select varieties)--$1.99
Buy 2 and use $1/2 from the scrollbar
Stack with $1/2 Target coupon here
The Real Deal: Only $0.99 each after coupons

 Pick up Walgreen's & CVS coupons in store. Check the Pharmacy Counter for additional savings booklets. Target's printable coupons are available here.

FREE at Barnes & Noble 10/24/09

Stop by Barnes & Noble today for a FREE small cookie and kid's hot chocolate using this coupon.
Scroll down to coupon 5.

Limit one offer per customer.
This offer is TODAY only!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Reader Deal Round-Up

I am so happy to receive messages from readers informing me of more hot deals! Please feel free to comment, email, or post Facebook messages about any fantasic bargains you find! is featuring it's Women's Windy Pass jacket for only $7.99 plus shipping.
Thanks Amy!

BiLo has a great deal on desserts. Buy 2 Breyers' ice creams 2/$5 and get a FREE 37 oz Sara Lee pie. The Sara Lee pie included a coupon for $1.00 off another Sara Lee pie (sale price $3.49) so you can score 2 cartons of ice cream PLUS 2 Sara Lee pies for only $7.49! Yummm!
Thanks April! We'll be over at 7pm.

Walmart is offering a FREE Pampers Extra Protection diaper sample (size 4 & 5 only).
Thanks Jennifer!

Express has printable coupons out right now for $15 off a $30 purchase or $30 off a $75 purchase good through Sunday, October 25th. Use code 4325 to save on-line.
Thanks Christine!

Tell us YOUR latest Real Deal!

BabyLegs on the CHEAP!

Have a baby? Know a baby? Ever think maybe you might want a baby? Get that baby some BabyLegs NOW! These ADORABLE little legwarmers fit kiddos from birth to 3 yrs old as legwarmers and BEYOND with some creative uses featured on their site.

Right now you can get Seasonal Styles (including Halloween and Christmas plus more)
BETTER THAN BOGO using coupon codes PUNKIN and BL5UL.

Check out the Retired section for some clearanced pairs for only $7 (only $6.30 after coupon BL5UL)! These are going fast!

And as always, enjoy FREE SHIPPING!


Another Way to Save at Rite Aid

Want to save even more at your favorite neighborhood drugstore?

This program, sponsored by Ad Perk, allows you to print coupons for your favorite products just by viewing a few short videos.Simply Register, select the ads you want to view, and begin*! Each short ad includes a coupon and 1-3 credits. Once you reach 20 credits, your account will be credited with a $5 off any $20 purchase. I know we will find some great matchups to use with that coupon!

*After each ad you will be prompted to enter a code within 30 seconds of viewing so this is not a "start it and walk away" deal. Also, you cannot switch between Tabs while these are playing.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Save BIG at the Outlets this weekend! UPDATE

There are some stellar sales going on at
Outlet centers this weekend! (10/22-10/25)

Stop in at PVH stores* for their phenomenal 30% off Friends and Family event!
*Includes Bass, Calvin Klein, Geoffrey Beene, Izod, and Van Heusen

Shop The Children's Place and save up to 50% off Fall merchandise and Halloween costumes, plus use your 15% off coupon to save even more!

Osh Kosh is featuring all winter coats 50% off, plus save even more with this 20% off $50 purchase coupon.

Carter's has 40% off all Holiday Dress clothes and a 20% off $50 coupon.

Check out these sales and let me know what great deals YOU found!

WOW! PVH Friends & Family Event SAVE 30% off entire purchase

All your favorite brands ALL on sale this weekend!

Save 30% off your entire purchase at:

G.H. Bass & Co.
Calvin Klein
Geoffrey Beene
Van Heusen

PVH is hosting their fabulous FRIENDS & FAMILY event today through Sunday 10/25.
Print your coupon for Bass, Geoffrey Beene, Izod, and Van Heusen HERE.
Print your Calvin Klein coupon HERE.

Jillian's Drawers $20 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Jillian's Drawers, the Ithaca, NY-based cloth diapering mecca, is hosting a $20 gift certificate giveaway when they reach 1,000 fans on Facebook. Not so sure you're interested in cloth diapers? They offer the truly amazing Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Trial Package. In this package, you get enough diapers for 12 diaper changes (enough to test out FULL-TIME cloth diapering!) to test out for 21 days. Simply return them (minus the $10 program fee) for your money back if you decide cloth diapering isn't for you! If you do find the love, you will receive 10% back on the cost of the package plus FREE SHIPPING on your next order.
The newly re-vamped package includes some of my ABSOLUTE favorites like Gro Baby, Dream Eze, and Fuzzi Buns as well as diapering accessories including Snappis and Flushable Liners.

Still not interested or don't need cloth diapers? It would take me days to describe all the other natural, environmentally-friendly products they offer...from shoes to strollers. Check out their Top 20 Toddler Gifts and see if that gift certificate would come in handy this Christmas!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Looking for A REAL STEAL?

If you are looking for the hottest baby and kid items for the lowest prices, check out Baby Steals and Kid Steals! These sister sites are designed to feature ONE popular item for a rock-bottom price daily.
 Inventory is limited so it is best to try and catch them when they load the new item each day at 9am MST.

Today's feature at Baby Steals is a Fleurville Lexie Tote (in pink or blue) for $57.75

Kid Steals has eleven shoes (the brand not the number) up for grabs in both boys' and girls' styles for only $25-$27!

WOW! $2 off Nestle and Wonka Candy Printables UPDATE

 Print them above! These are perfect to pair with the CVS deal!


Buy 2 bags Nestle fun-sized candy    $10.00
Buy 2 bags Wonka fun-sized candy   $10.00
Buy 1 Glade Fragrance Col. item       $6.99
-2 $2.00 off Nestle candy                 $22.99
-2 $2.00 off Wonka candy               $18.99
-1 $5/$25 Flu Sense                        $13.99
The Real Deal: $13.99 & get back $11.99 ECBs= ONLY $2.00

UPDATE: There is also a $2 off Glade printable! If you can locate the cheapy bags of candy this coupon makes this deal FREE! (If not, check out the comments for other great scenarios!)


Goodmama Sale 30% off Fitteds

I got an email this morning inviting me to "Do the Monster Mash at goodmama!"
All fitteds are 30% off now through October 25th using code MMASH30.
This code ONLY works for fitteds (does not include the ones).

Love Goodmama diapers and want to increase your stash?
They are also offering free shipping for all orders over $100.

Curious if they are worth the $$? Try one now and see for yourself.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Giant Eagle Deals 10/22-10/28

Check out the great deals I found this week!

The following deals feature coupons that can be printed right from the site.I recommend choosing "See All Coupons" and checking the boxes all at once.

Betty Crocker Warm Delights 3/$5
-Betty Crocker Warm Delights Bowls Or Betty Crocker Warm Delights Mini Bowls $0.50/1 (print twice)
-Bettty Crocker Warm Delights Bowls $0.50/1  (print twice)
The Real Deal: 3/$2 or $0.66/bowl
BUT buy one more (must buy FOUR) for only $0.66 more (use that last coupon) and get a FREE Wilton pan!  Choose from the following:

Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick
-15.25 x 10.25 x .75 in. Medium Cookie Pan UPC 0 70896 59067 1
-13x9x2 in. Oblong Cake Pan UPC 0 70896 59061 9

Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot or Fruit Snacks 5/$10
-Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes $0.40/1
-Betty Crocker Fruit By The Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups Etc, Any Boxes $0.50/2 (print twice)
The Real Deal: 5/$7.20 or $1.44/box

DiGiorno Pizza 2/$11  SAVE $1 off INSTANTLY 2/$10
-DiGiorno Ultimate Toppings Pizza Product, Any $1.50/1 (print twice)
The Real Deal: 2/$7 or $3.50/pizza!! (Must buy TWO)

Chex Mix 2/$6
-Chex Mix Or Chex 100 Calorie Snack, Any 4.5 Oz. + $0.50/1 (print twice)
The Real Deal: 2/$4 or $2 a bag

Yoplait Go-Gurt Kid Drink or Delights* 4/$10
-Yoplait Delights Yogurt, Any Multipack $1.00/1 (print twice)
-Yoplait Kids Products Listed, Any $0.40/1 (print twice)
The Real Deal: 4/$6.40 or only $1.60 each!
*The Lemon version of these is YUMMY! It tastes just like lemon meringue pie!

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 4/$7 PLUS FREE eggs* INSTANTLY
-Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands! Biscuits, Any $0.30/2 (print twice)
The Real Deal: 4/$5.80 or $1.45/pc.
*Free Giant Eagle Large Grade A Dozen Eggs (up to $2 value)


Pop Tarts 5/$10 $2 off INSTANTLY wyb 5 5/$8
-Kellogg's Pop Tarts Gingerbread Flavor, Any (Bricks Link - IE) $0.55/1 (print twice)
The Real Deal: 5/$5.80 or $1.16/box
(hope you like Gingerbread!)

Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats 3/$9
-Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats, All-Bran And/Or Kellogg's Raisin Bran Cereals, Any 11.4 Oz. + $1.50/2
The Real Deal: Buy 2 for $4.50 only $2.25/box

Libby's Canned Vegetables 5/$4
-Libby's Vegetables, Any $0.50/2 (print twice)
The Real Deal: 5/$2 or $0.40/can

Emerald Nuts BOGO
-Emerald Nuts, any 5 oz+  $1.00/1 (print twice)
The Real Deal: 2/$4.38* or only $2.19/package
*I am not 100% sure of the price of these nuts they may be lower than $6.38/ pkg to start.

Pop Secret BOGO (6 ct)
-Pop Secret Products, any two $1.00/2
The Real Deal: 2/$5.38 or only $2.69/package!


Frito Lay Doritios BOGO
Breyers Ice Cream 4/$10
Farmers Market or Fresh Express bagged salads* BOGO
*select varieties

Savvy Shopper Tip-Feed them for FREE!

With 16 month old twins who can now polish off an entire kid's meal each and a 3 yr old who doesn't like his brothers to touch his plate, going out to eat can be a HUGE budget breaker. By the time we order 5 meals, drinks, and add in a tip we could have easily gotten nearly an entire week's groceries.

So does that mean we stay home? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Thanks to excellent resources like we can go out to eat without breaking the bank. With a few simple clicks at, I can find out which restaurants in our area are offering "Kids Eat Free"* meals every night of the week! I typed my zip code into the search box at the top of the page, chose a 30 mile radius (if you are from this area you know that it is not uncommon to have to drive a little bit to get ANYWHERE!) to get the most results, and hit "Search". Within seconds, I had 26 detailed results of restaurants that were offering free food for my kiddos TODAY! I think I know what we are having for dinner...

*Offers vary by restaurant. Many have age limits and purchase requirements. recommends calling ahead to verify the offer.

WOW! Free Edible Arrangements 6 pc. Box!

You know you've seen those cute fruit bouquet commercials on tv.
Now is your chance to try some for FREE!

To enter simply become one of the first 100,000 fans of Edible Arrangements on Facebook.
Enter your information and click Submit.
You will get a coupon code for a FREE 6 pc box of dipped fruit right in your inbox!

Have you tried Edible Arrangements? What do you think?

*Offer good while supplies last.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Children's Place + Facebook= BFF UPDATE

      The Children's Place has to be my all-time FAVORITE store for scoring the best deals on kiddo clothes. I have literally walked out of our local TCP Outlet with heaping bags of merchandise for under $100. What could be better than supercheap kids clothes? Ummm...supercheap kids clothes that actually LAST! Some of my oldest son's TCP items were actually handed down to him from a family friend and still look brand new when the twins wear them. They wash perfectly, wear amazingly, and definitely fit into the savvy shopper budget!
     Right now, if you become a fan of The Children's Place on Facebook you can score a 15% off any regular priced item coupon (in-store only). Simply click on the "Shop" tab and it will be on the bottom right. Also, it appears as though TCP is hosting some sort of $50 giftcard giveaway for their friendly FB fans. No details other than the name of one lucky reader have been released.

Also, the 40% off NOW 50% OFF Fall Sale has begun INCLUDING Halloween costumes!
Save an extra 15% with coupon code HA99 or print it here for in-store use!
(Thanks Babycheapskate!)

Vote for TCP on Mashable's Open Web Awards for
Best Brand Use of Facebook & keep the deals coming!

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